Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Gerard Butler co-producing series for Starz

Gerard Butler will be producing Pinkerton, with 24 creator, Bob Cochran. Starz already has a pilot script for the 8-10 hour show run, but casting hasn't been reported yet. Pinkerton will focus on Scottish-born officer Allan Pinkerton, who founded the first detective agency in the United States:
Cochran is excited about the project and praises Pinkerton's impressive tactics in guarding Abraham Lincoln during his 1861 inauguration and preventing an assassination attempt on the 16th U.S. President in Baltimore.

"He was an amazing guy - he took part in all the great sweeping events of the 19th century," Cochran said.

Pinkerton aka "the spy master of the North" during the Civil War emigrated to America in his early 20s. He eventually served as the head of the Union Intelligence Service, which later became the U.S. Secret Service. [MacKenzie Wilson]

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