Tuesday, 7 September 2010

First promo of 'Grey's Anatomy' season 7

The promo comes courtesy of COforever1 (via Kevin McKidd Online). The seventh season of Grey's Anatomy is set to premiere on September 23 on ABC - an excerpt from a recent TV Guide interview with Kevin McKidd is below. There are some spoilers in the interview.
TVGuide.com: There's always a lot of baby talk on Grey's. Do you think that could be in the cards for Cristina and Owen?
I think that would be interesting. I know there was originally a storyline that ended up being changed in Season 1, where Cristina got pregnant and they were going to have a baby, but they decided to save that for later. I wouldn't say that isn't going to happen, because we almost started that storyline a few seasons ago, but decided it was too much too soon. A lot of comedy would come out of that seeing the two of them face that together, because they're kind of an odd couple, especially as parents. [Natalie Abrams]

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