Tuesday, 21 September 2010

'Beginners' lands distribution deal + Ewan McGregor commemorates the Battle of Britain

Focus Features acquired Ewan McGregor's Beginners this Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival, making it Focus' first buy at Toronto. The film is likely to open in the late spring or early summer of 2011 and Focus Features will use approximately $2 million for marketing.

Ewan McGregor and his brother Colin visited (via Best of Ewan) RAF Cranwell in April to film part of BBC1 documentary The Real Battle of Britain which aired on Sunday, September 19. Ewan talked about making the documentary with his brother:
“The Battle of Britain was a dramatic turning point in the history of the Second World War and a defining moment in world history. It was a privilege for Colin and I to make this documentary; not only to mark the 70th anniversary itself, but to be able to pay tribute to the courage and sacrifice of those who fought during the battle”.

Ewan's brother Colin also attended a thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Colin who is in the RAF read a prayer at the ceremony:

“Let us pray for those members of the Royal Air Force, who through their vigilance and determination make it possible for planes to fly and defend these shores.

“For all mechanics and ground crew, for radar operators and engineers, members of the logistics corps, that inspired by the example of their forbears, they might continue to fulfil this vital service with skill and pride.”

A clip from the documentary is below.

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