Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New interview with John Barrowman

A short interview with John Barrowman was published over at The Scotsman yesterday. An excerpt of John's interview is below:
"Have I ever been the shy retiring type?" he ponders. "Never. Not since the day I was born," he replies, triumphantly. "When I came out of my mother the doctor had to slap me to get me to shut up. At school the teachers let me get away with murder because I was able to talk my way out of anything."

"The first day I set foot on Wisteria Lane I remembered when I was that little boy who'd moved from Glasgow at nine years old and was taken on a vacation to Universal Studios in California. I was driven around what would become Wisteria Lane, which was then the road where they filmed The Munsters and various Doris Day movies, all the same houses are still there. And so for me as an adult to stand on that street knowing that I was there as a boy, dreaming that one day I would be involved in this business, well that was a really weird sensation. [Tim Randall]

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  1. Great interview, really like him! He's brilliant in Desperate Housewives! get all the latest news on his new projects on here http://www.allfilmtrailers.com


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