Friday, 12 June 2009

Sean Biggerstaff answers fan questions

Over at Sean Biggerstaff's official website fans can post questions and every once in a while Sean takes the time to answer them. Some new answers were posted today, and my favorite is a question about fellow Scottish actor James McAvoy:

Do you know James McAvoy?

I just read you interview with The Scotsman, Mon 12 Feb 2007, A rising Scottish star who is definitely not the new James McAvoy.

I didnt know who James Mc Avoy was, so I looked him up on-line. Among other things it mentioned that he worked as a baker during two years in Sainsbury. Did you meet him there?

Really, is he a fellow actor acquaintance?

Jim E. - San Antoni, TX, USA

Jim, No, I don't know Jamesand neither did I know he worked in Sainsbury's. I wonder if he's seen Cashback. I vaguely know his Sister, Joy, who is very nice from bumping into her around Glasgow (We used to live on the same bus route), but that's hardly relevant. Sean

You can head on over to Sean's website to see the rest of the questions and answers.



  1. Sigh.... I've had a 'sneeking' VERY 'age inappropriate' crush on this kid since the first Potter movie --- it was the accent of course !! WHY has he never landed a leading role ???

  2. Someone should give him more parts to play. Rob Pattinson is doing really well, so maybe there's hope for some of the other actors in the Harry Potter films.


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