Monday, 8 December 2008

First Year Anniversary

Today is the first year anniversary of the Scottish Actors blog (OMG). Check out the very first post.

I wanted to do this statistic filled article about the number of posts I’ve had over the past year (355), or the number of visitors (80,411-thank you guys), but I decided to write a special thank you to everyone instead.

I am grateful to all the people who stop by and read my humble little blog. Thank you very much for supporting the blog with your e-mails, comments, and yes, even your lurking.

Okay, specific people I want to thank:

Octavia Violet – Thank you so much for supporting the site with all your helpful information, especially about movies, your wonderful sense of humor, and your suggestions.

Purple – I appreciate all the support you’ve given the blog and thank you so much for visiting, leaving comments, and accepting my Bill Nighy fascination. Oh by the way, if you ever want me to pimp a certain Bill Nighy site in my affiliates section I totally will!

Stillgerard – Has a beautiful Gerard Butler livejournal community and you should seriously check it out.

Youbecomeme – Thanks for all of effort you put into all the James McAvoy posts on ONTD! Where would I find all my James info without your hard work and dedication? Ahem, google news, you should hire her to do your work for you.

Jb_dean – Is a fan of Henry Ian Cusick and I am so glad that there are such dedicated fans out there. Thank you for visiting and commenting when I have a Henry post.

LoONaBLuE – My best friend, and little sister. Thank your for making the blog header for your technologically confused big sister :)

To all the affiliates: Natasha, Crmhpfan, Jess, Gerard Butler Fans, and the people at AnnaPaquinOnline – thank you for adding my blog and for sharing your passion for all the actors you support.

H., jennie, Evie, Sibia Marie, Kutty, ScottishHeart, Jannie H, everyone at imdb, etc. – thank you all for leaving comments.

Mostly I want to leave a little dedication to the family members I lost this year. I lost you very recently and I do not want to give away too personal stuff about you, I just want to say that I love you, I miss you, and I will never forget you. I hope that you rest in peace and somehow the pain we are all going through will give way to memories of better times when all it took for us to be happy was your presence on this earth. I love you so much and whenever I see and owl, or hear a familiar tune, I will think of you and hope that someday we will meet again.

I am so grateful for your participation and look forward to reading even more comments in the next year. By the way, I have lots planned for the next year, so stay tuned and you can always send a suggestion to



    You have no idea how much I ADMIRE your type of dedication and 'stick-to-it-tiveness' ! :-)

    Thanks for your kind words, which I don't deserve, and for providing a nice 'cozy' place to gush ! I will check out the other sites you've 'linked' soon as I can. (Who does NOT like Bill Nighy? -lol)

    Sorry to hear about your personal loss - I'll include a prayer for them when I light my Christmas Candles. I'm sure they are watching over you, along with all the Scottish actors who have passed on.

    GOOD LUCK for your 2nd Big Year!

  2. PS - OMG !!!! Now I'm LATE for WORK !!! You could have given some warning -- !!!!

    Your 'First Post' !!!!! "See You Next Tuesday" (YouTube 'favorites' list !!)

    OV.... floating off to work now...

  3. Thank you, thank you :)

    *takes a bow*

    I hope you like those other sites because they're awesome. The people who work on them are really welcoming and the people at the Bill Nighy site love hearing from new people.

    That is one of my favorite interviews with James! He is so hilarious and cheeky.

  4. Awww thank you for those nice words, Saltire/Newcastle. :-)

    It's really a pleasure to be doing this. James truly deserves the dedication, admiration, and adoration...

    ... and more!

    All the best,

    Qwerty/youbecomeme @ lj

    P.S. My fist James post on ONTD was from your blog! (the Ryan Seacrest interview). That's how it all began... ;-p

  5. I didn't know that Qwerty :)

    What is it about James McAvoy that sparks such dedication?

    I think another screening of Penelope is in order.

  6. Hehe.. I think you knew that but you forgot. ;-p (the same way I forgot for a period of time who you were on IMDB (I kept trying to think back to remember who it was that made this blog... Purple? Scottishdragon? It really did take me a while.. lol)

    "What is it about James McAvoy that sparks such dedication?"

    I'm not sure... actually I do know, but it would take forever to list all the reasons. When I first saw Atonement (my first James movie) I was just amazed.. I've never see anyone act the way he did and I doubt I ever will, actually. That realization as well as a connection was instant.
    We're also quite similar on a deeper level... I don't know.. it's hard to explain, and I don't want to. These kinds of things you don't want to overthink.

    Anyway, my first ONTD post holds a very special place in my heart. Thank you for providing the material for it. :-p

  7. My memory is dreadful - LOL. You are most welcome for the post :) And thanks for all the James posts you put on ONTD. They are a Godsend.

  8. Congratulations and happy anniversary to this lovely blog!

    Sorry I'm a week late. And thanks so much for mentioning me. You are doing an amazing job in keeping us updated about these fantastic actors, so really we should be thanking you :).
    I can't wait for next year and hope you have happy and peaceful holiday until then. I'm sorry to read about your loss and I hope that you will feel better soon.

    PS: I will speak to my friend who runs the Bill Nighy Experience about the affiliation thing. Thanks so much and I'm glad you feel more comfortable 'coming out' as a Nighylist now :D

  9. Thank Purple! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and thanks for talking to your friend about the Bill Nighy website.


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