Thursday, 31 January 2008

Lost is back!

And not a minute too soon - who's sick of reruns and reality shows? Lost fans won't be because thankfully the show returns to ABC on Thursday night. Scottish actor Henry Ian Cusick (Lost fans know him as Desmond) returns as a series regular and you can read a recent interview with the Emmy-nominated actor here. Here's an exclusive Lost clip that briefly features Ian for those of you who can't wait until Thursday night or Sunday night if you're in the UK.


  1. YAY Lost is finally back! And YAY that Desmond is back, too!! Henry Ian Cusick and Desmond totally ROCK!!

  2. You said it, I mean sister! I cannot wait to see what happens tonight!

  3. Nope - not 'peeking' ! :-) Desmond is great - Let's hope he survies the season !


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