Sunday, 15 January 2012

Denis Lawson to get up to New Tricks with ‘unorthodox’ role

Ewan McGregor’s uncle – and fellow Star Wars alumni – Denis Lawson is set to inject some star wattage when he joins the cast of New Tricks for the show’s ninth series.

As well as starring in every one of the original Star Wars trilogy as Wedge Antilles, the Crieff-born 64-year-old has also appeared in much loved Scottish comedy drama Local Hero and Bleak House.

Lawson will play Detective Inspector Steve McAllister in New Tricks, an addition to Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman’s (Amanda Redman) team of retired police who take on unsolved cases.

The actor said: “I’m delighted to be joining Amanda, Alun and Dennis on New Tricks. I’ve long admired the show and love its ability to be warm, humorous and gritty simultaneously. I’m really looking forward to being part of it.”

McAllister is set to rub people up the wrong way with an “"unorthodox and sometimes unprofessional approach to policing", and has been described as "a bundle of energetic optimism with a tendency to get personally involved in the cases he’s working on".

Richard Burrell, executive producer at Wall To Wall, the production company behind the show, explained: “Denis brings warmth, wit and charm to the character Steve McAllister and is a very welcome addition to the New Tricks family."

The new series is currently being filmed at Pinewood Studios and on location, and will be on BBC1 later this year.

Source: STV


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