Sunday, 28 August 2011

Exclusive: new trailer for Irvine Welsh’s "Ecstasy"

When Danny Boyle delivered the groundbreaking Trainspotting, it proved that the unique language, tenor and prose of Scottish writer Irvine Welsh could be brought to the big screen with both style and substance. An adaptation of “The Acid House” soon followed and “Filth” is gearing up to shoot next year, and the next Welsh story to hit the big screen will be Ecstasy. But it was no easy journey.

The project has been in development for more than a decade, with financing coming and going before it was finally locked into place, with Kristin Kreuk, Billy Boyd, Adam Sinclair, Colin Mochrie and Dean McDermott coming on board to star. “Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy” follows Heather (Kreuk) and Lloyd (Sinclair) as they explore a chemical romance and discover whether their love for one another is real or not. Surrounding the story is a thriller that dives into the politics and lifestyles of the clubbers and gangsters, along with the good and the evil that comes with their world. The Playlist is premiering the brand new trailer for the film which you can see below, and we recently caught up with director Rob Heydon and author Irvine Welsh to talk about the project.

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