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Sean Biggerstaff to play T in the Park and National Theatre of Scotland

It's a busy fortnight for Sean Biggerstaff, who played Oliver Wood in the early Harry Potter films; the premiere of the final film, playing with his band at T in the Park, and appearing in one of the National Theatre of Scotland's Five Minute Theatre performances.

Sean Biggerstaff, who played Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor Quidditch captain in the early Harry Potter movies, will be appearing with his band Wrong Note at the BBC Introduces stage at T in the Park on July 10th, just hours after attending the final Harry Potter film premiere in London.

And before that he can be seen in one of the National Theatre of Scotland's Five Minute Theatre performances which will be streamed live online at later this week on June 21.

His performances as Robert Burns in You're Bard, a jokey imagining of what might have happened if Burns had met William Shakespeare, can be seen between 9pm and 10pm, and will later be available to watch as a video at and on stv's Youtube channel.

Although Sean only appeared in the first two Harry Potter films, he and many of the characters in the early stories reappear briefly in the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two) which shows the final dramatic conclusion of Harry's struggles with Lord Voldemort. Co-star Alan Rickman has called the reappearance of so many characters "the cinema equivalent of a pantomime walk-down".

Sean's acting career has continued to flourish; he won a BAFTA for best actor in 2007 for a BBC4 film called Consenting Adults and only last week he appeared in a Miss Marple mystery on ITV.

But as an accomplished guitarist and singer, he has always taken a keen interest in music. The band, Wrongnote, completed its first album last year and has been getting airplay on BBC Radio stations Radio One and Radio Scotland and particularly by Tom Robinson on 6Music

Sean told "It's a crazy busy time, just so much going on. I've always fancied the idea of playing at festival and T in the Park is certainly a big one. I'm looking forward to it"

His appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is brief but he added: "It's been an amazing thing to be a part of and it' great to be able to be there for the final curtain."

Source: STV

A clip from You’re Bard can be viewed on that page

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  1. We love you Sean!!!! Keep acting!!!!


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