Thursday, 20 August 2009

Stargate Universe to premiere in October in the UK

Stargate Universe which now stars Robert Carlyle is scheduled to premiere in the UK on Sky 1 on Tuesday, October 6. This is only 4 days after its US premiere on Syfy. There is also a report from SCI FI in Australia stating that the show will air every Friday night from October 9. Carlyle, who plays Dr. Nicholas Rush, is currently in Vancouver shooting scenes for the sci-fi spin-off and will be spending 8 months of the year in Vancouver with his family. In an interview with The Daily Record he explained that he was inspired by Tim Roth and fellow Scotsman Kevin McKidd to leave movies and try television:

He said: "In a way, Tim probably was the one who told me to do it. About 18 months ago, I decided to come to LA to stick my head above the parapet and see what's out here because so many of my friends were doing that.

Carlyle insists his change of medium - following in the footsteps of Brit actor mates Kevin McKidd and Tim- is no longer the backward step it once was.

Carlyle said:"I phoned Kevin up and told him that I might be coming to join him soon and he was delighted. So many actors are doing TV. It's not lack of work- it's very important to say that- it ain't about that. I can work anywhere at all in film and television.

You can go here for the rest of Robert Carlyle's interview.


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