Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Photos of David Tennant filming St Trinian's II

There are only a few weeks left of shooting St Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold and there are some photos of David Tennant shooting some scenes in the Thames:

David, 38, dragged himself out of the river's murky water during a scene where his villainous character, Lord Pomfrey, sinks in his boat. He then had a tussle on the shore with co-star Christian Brassington, 26.

An onlooker said: "David was in his element. It must have been freezing but he didn't seem to mind." Evil Lord Pomfrey tries to stop the St Trinian's schoolgirls from finding a stash of gold.

The movie, which also stars Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding, 27, and Rupert Everett, 50, as headmistress Miss Fritton, is due for release on 18 December. [News of the World via David Tennant ]


  1. Mmmh... David Tennant gets wet...
    Er, I was going to say this looks like a very sophisticated and intellectual film that will explore many important questions around the meaning of life ;)

  2. Hehe Dave's gone grey. I'm so going to see this just because David Tennant's in it. So excited!

  3. I LOVE David Tennant SO MUCH!!!! I'm sure that if he's in it, then this film is going to be brilliant! I have to say though - I much prefer him as a brunette!!! Lara White x

  4. Was Colin Firth supposed to be in this one as well? I suppose he might be too busy being in line for the Oscars but I hope he makes it in somehow.

  5. omg this dude is soooo fit.... stay in doctor who!! the new doctors a minger and youre so much better!! xx
    love you
    Chloe and Louise

  6. I am watching everything with David in it cos I miss him from Doctor Who already! He is such a brilliant actor, amazing!! I can't believe they got him in the Thames, he is so sporting.

  7. use r right, DAVID TENNANT is nice.
    but i would love it he was mii dad. dat wud be sooooooooooooo cool

  8. hahaha love you david ♥
    good on you for getting in the water ;)
    I miss him so much from Doctor Who. He was THE best!


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