Saturday, 25 April 2009

Henry Ian Cusick being sued for sexual harrasment

I honestly, don't know what to make of this. I hate speculation so here are the facts that have surfaced so far:

Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond on the show "Lost," is being sued for sexual harassment.

Still developing.

EDIT; According to a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Chelsea Stone claims that while working on the show, Cusick placed his hand on her buttocks and caressed the back of her body while making moaning sounds.

She also claims Cusick "placed his face on top of [her] breasts, moving his face from side to side." He then squeezed her breasts with his hands.

According to the lawsuit, approximately twelve days after this went down, Stone was let go. ABC and Grass Skirt Productions are also named as defendants. She is seeking unspecified damages.

Cusick's rep had no comment.


  1. I have no exact idea of the facts or the incident that really happened.. I just want to say that hope the truth will soon come out.. Hope that the girl is not inventing some stories.. I was just wondering why she didn't do anything when Cusick allegedly did those acts to her... Why didn't she slap him or push him away or rather scream to stop the harassment.. Why did it come to a point of massaging her breasts.. Just wondering.. Hope the truth will soon come out..

  2. I hope the truth comes out as well. If she's telling the truth then he has to be punished. If she's lying she should get sued for any damage that comes of this.

    I think if she was harassed and said nothing, it wouldn't be uncommon. There are many women who are terrified of saying or doing anything. But, she could be lying through her teeth.

    I do believe in innocent until proven guilty, but we really do have to wait and see.


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