Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Ugly Truth release pushed back

The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler has been moved from its April 3 release date to a summer release date of July 24. It sounds like good news because a summer release shows a a studio's confidence in a film's potential (like last year's Wanted), but sometimes summer can be where romantic comedies go to die.

I checked to see what else was opening that day and the only major competition is G-Force, a family movie. In this economy, family movies tend to make a lot of money, so fingers crossed that movie executives are right again.

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  1. Sigh.... well besides the fact that Gerry is ALWAYS worth waiting for -- this could be a good thing - with the 'action' flicks of the summer - Terminator and Transformers, etc. - there will always be plenty of ladies who prefer a romantic flim, wether to see on their own, or to drag their men to see for 'payback' !

    Last Spring you can't imagine how many couples 'split' between "Indiana Jones" and "Sex and the City" -- LoL -- and every time, I would say - If it was ME, I'd much rather spend time with Harrison Ford !! In this case though, Gerry has it ALL OVER Christian Bale, in my book !

  2. I think a lot of women get tired of all the action movies and go watch other movies. That's probably why the Devil Wears Prada made so much money the year it came out.

    LOL. I went to see Indiana Jones too. Knowing me though I'd go watch both Christian Bale and Gerry. I wonder if anyone will ever be kind enough to put both men in the same movie? I can dream...


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