Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Gerard Butler presenting at the Golden Globes

Gerard presented a clip from In Bruges, a nominee in the Best Picture - Musical/Comedy category. The movie lost, but Colin Farrell won! Here's the video of Gerard presenting:



  1. Sigh.... The Globes show was like a BUFFET - and Gerry was the delicious dessert !

    Something funny - I was watching with my brother, and he kept picking on all the men, for having messy hair (Robert Downey Jr) no tie (Johnny Depp) and earrings (Colin Farrell) -- meanwhile I was hanging over the drool bucket for all of that -- but then Gerry comes out -- looking IMMACULATE and PERFECT !! And he says - 'now THAT'S a nice looking man' -- LoL !

    And I said -- "You should see him in a Kilt..." --- hee hee hee

    Speaking of Colin -- I was beyond delighted that he WON -- 'In Bruges' was an INCREDIBLE performance -- and what a TREAT to have a film with him using his own scrumptious accent!

    On a sadder note -- Heath Ledger won his award for The Joker, just as I'm sure he will win the Oscar as well. It was good to see the Hollywood Big-shots give him the Standing-O he so deserves.

    You don't have to apologise, you do a GREAT job, and those photos of Gerry are well worth waiting for!

  2. Your brother wasn't the only one LOL! My mother loves to point out what's wrong with people. She nearly passed out when she saw Robert Downey's unkempt hair (and his shoes, good Lord those shoes). Gerry looked amazing all perfectly shaved and he looked so sexy in his suit. He was the best dressed man, for sure.

    I was happy for Colin too. I didn't think he would win because he was the dark horse of the group but I was so ecstatic when they called his name. In Bruges is one of my favorite movies of 2008. I will cross my fingers for an Oscar nomination even though that is nearly impossible at this point.

    And I did cry when Heath Ledger won. It will be sad to see the winners portrait at the Oscars and only see three people because he won't be there, but it will be amazing to see the entire room give him a standing ovation when he does win.


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