Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Where is Kevin McKidd on Grey's Anatomy?

Here's the answer:

Maj. Owen Hunt made quite an impression in the premiere of Season Five. Now it looks like he's coming back, according to this Grey's Anatomy spoiler on E! today ...

Q: Where is "Major Hottie," aka Kevin McKidd, on Grey's Anatomy? I was hoping he was going to be a regular. Do you know if he's coming back? Please, please, please let him come back!

A: Hey, wow, look at that. My calendar says fall sweeps begin Thursday, October 30. How weird. I wonder why I just noticed that? All I know is I hope Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Major Hottie are as on as I hear they are, and that certainly would be a good time to kick off a romance!



  1. Can't wait for Kevin Mckidd to come back to Grey's.
    He did leave quite an impression on all of us.. Major Hottie!
    Maybe this is Cristina's new love interest, thank god!
    She needs something going on in her life besides work!

  2. I think he's making a brief appearance this week and will have a lot more screen time in the coming weeks. Finally Cristina has someone so she can move on from Burke and not be so obsessed with her career.


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