Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Gerard Butler being investigated by police

A slightly off topic question before I post: as someone on imdb posted, when are they going to start promoting RocknRolla in the US? We've got Guy Ritchie's face on all the tabloids, a really hot Robert Downey Jr. promoting Ritchie's upcoming Sherlock Holmes at the Scream Awards, yet no mention of RocknRolla. Someone from Warner Brothers needs to get on this. Anyway...

Under news items I wish I didn't have to post, this is probably number 1. Thought I'd keep people posted:

Gerard Butler is being investigated by police after allegedly attacking a
paparazzo in Los Angeles.
Police were planning to speak to the ‘RocknRolla’ star after he reportedly
got into a fight with photographer Morgan Kreusch, leaving Kreusch with a cut lip which required
stitches and three loose teeth.
Kreusch also underwent a brain scan following the attack on the advice of
The photographer claims he had been attempting to take a picture of Butler
as he left West Hollywood’s Crown Bar when the 38-year-old actor confronted
He said: “I told him I was a photographer when he asked what I was doing.
Then he started to punch me through the open window of the car.
“He hit me hard three or four times. He was shouting, but I couldn't really
tell what he was saying because I was totally dazed. Then he went to walk
away but turned back. He kicked the car and then hit me again three or four
Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson Ana Aguirre confirmed the
department will be questioning Butler on charges of misdemeanor battery.
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  1. Just wanted to agree about RocknRolla I have not seen one TV or newspaper ad for the movie's release on Oct.31st.

    On the incident with Mr. Butler just wanted to add this info on from another source-
    "Sources tell us witnesses have now come forward with a very different account. They are saying the papper was tailing Gerard for hours. And, they say, the photog was driving "recklessly" as he "chased" Butler's limo, almost hitting several pedestrians. The photog says he endangered no one.
    link to an article

  2. Thanks for the link. I had read that witnesses gave a totally different side of the story, and knowing the danger photographers often put people in the witnesses are probably telling the truth about the photographer being reckless.

    The unfortunate thing about this incident is that the police have to investigate no matter what someone says. What really drives me nuts is that we hear more about this incident than Gerard's actual movie :(


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