Tuesday, 13 May 2008

David Tennant - sexiest man on TV?

It's a slow news day, but here's a little David Tennant news. David has been named the sexiest man on TV in a new survey. David was chosen by about 38% of the 1600 TV fans in the UK wide poll. Prison Break star Wentworth Miller came in second. The poll was conducted by the Hallmark Channel to determine if attractiveness keeps TV viewers watching their favorite shows. Wow, that channel is taking its polls rather seriously!

And totally off topic: just wanted to say hi to the lovely imdb people (or is it person?) who come here from time to time. Thanks!

Source: news.scotsman.com and digital spy


  1. Just wanted to say 'Hello' back, this is Purple from the IMDB boards. Your blog is great, thanks for keeping us up-to-date about all those great Scottish men!
    And yes, David Tennant is damn sexy! ;)

  2. Hey purple! Thank you for stopping by!


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