Friday, 6 August 2010

'Don Quixote' delayed; Ewan McGregor still attached

Back in May Ewan McGregor revealed that he was unsure about Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote ever getting off the ground. In an interview with MTV (via The Playlist) Gilliam explained that the film may be delayed because of some financial trouble:

MTV: So..."Don Quixote." Where are you at right now? I have my fingers crossed that you're still moving forward.

Terry Gilliam: We moved forward and then we stepped back a bit. Originally, I thought we were going to be in pre-production right now, but there's been a little hiccup. And me doing this thing with Arcade Fire is a result of this hiccup with "Don Quixote." Robert Duvall is still Quixote and Ewan McGregor is still involved — all that stuff is still happening. There's just been a financial hiccup.

...MTV: Is it really still going to happen?

Gilliam: I'll get back to it, but at the moment out there, if you're not spending a couple hundred million dollars in Hollywood, it's pretty rough. It's hard to predict anything. Everyone's having these problems. I'm not different from anybody else. [Eric Ditzain]

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